Me with LAGQ

This website offers information about the lute, the guitar and the early keyboard.

(one of my many teachers). Doug's website has some great information and educational opportunities for guitarists.

(another of my many teachers). Brian's website offers a number of great links, including a page devoted to Julian Bream.

I like this website for all of the interesting articles that it offers on line.

Go here for information on guitar study at GRCC and upcoming performances.

Jazz Guitar

This is a great jazz guitar website, with a lot of information about Chris Buzzelli and jazz guitar in general, including chord and scale diagrams.

Guitar Quartets

Music Theory

This is a fun website to play with and use to help learn basic music theory.

Alexander Technique

This is Barbara Connable's (another one of my teachers) website for a development of the Alexander Technique especially for musicians. This technique is very helpful for creating ease in and avoiding injuries from playing.

The Avatar Course

General information about the Avatar Course and mini courses available on line. The Avatar materials are especially helpful with easing performance anxiety. The Avatar Course is an amazing course for developing consciousness and achieving goals. It's really great for musicians!

This link will bring up a pdf file of the Basic Attention Management Course. Be patient; it's well worth it.

Free Guitar Music

This site offers music by many guitar composers from the nineteenth century.

This website offers a number of guitar pieces available on line as pdf files.

The is a great way to find facsimiles of original editions from the 1800's. Use the Basic Search. In the Type Words space type "rischel" and a number from 1 to 1200. From the Field to Search choose "Shelfmark" and click on Search. Click on "Read it Online" and the music will appear as a PDF file. Have fun exploring.

Use the Basic Search. Type a composers name, e.g., Sor, Giuliani, Carcassi. Then select author. You may need to go through several pages of listings before arriving at Public Domain publications. There are a number of manuscripts and facsimile editions available as pdf files at this website.

Retail Guitar Music and Supplies

Retail guitar music and supplies

Retail guitar music on line.

Retail guitar music on line.

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